Aquilluis Dawns

Fernando's Jounal

A tragic tale of drug abuse and imaginary sea creatures

Fernando’s Log
Day………7?………23…………2? i think its 6
anyway i am writing this to at least keep track of what day it is by listing my thoughts and experiences…….. and possibly some recipes.

today i woke up on a boat, i think i am supposed to be here but i don’t ask any of the crew (i don’t want to get tossed off)…………….(or do i?) but after looking around i got in an argument with peter about the direction the boat was moving and if Mr Foster would be able to make the winter ball this year, after 6 hours of discussion and a short game of tennis we didn’t agree to anything.


after the most gut wrenching night of interpretive dance and singing i noticed a floating barn near the ship and after using some bits of scipptoas i found in a barrel i fashioned a makeshift spyglass and i saw myself stood on top of the barn shrouded in a bed sheet and holding a small turtle made of glass… i wondered how i got over there as i am holding this spyglass……….i will probably find out later.

Song Lyric
‘anal virginity reminds me of left over pasta,
squishy and delicious but soon forgotten’

we arrived near some floating tapas. i have looked for peter to help me out but he has gone to his parents…….i miss randy……….. after a Delicious helping of tapas i vomited and passed out in said vomit.

the next day i awoke with vomit in my beard, if this continues to happen i will have to wash it………….. we had our volleyball match against the preppies today but i didn’t feel up to it so i persuaded them to have a nice game of badminton on the beach we won 59 to Breadbasket.



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