Fiendish Thoughts

1. Crashing Ashore.

I dont know if I was the sort of person who kept a journal before today, but given that most of my memories from before now are gone, I feel that keeping one would be a good idea. Whilst I can remember who I am, what I am and key points of my past into my early twenties, the last few years and the bulk of my past seem to be nothing more than a ghost to me. The most recent solid memory I have is standing on the deck of a ship with two dwarves, a half elf, a wood elf and a few humans with some kind of broken glass sphere in the middle of us. I have a feeling this was what caused the memory loss as it has affected all of the others in the same manner.

At first it looked like we had been in a heated argument as weapons had been drawn and we all seemed to be on edge even without any of us knowing why. After some persuasion and more than a little intimidation from myself and the half elf, we managed to get us all on the same page. It was only then did we noticed the body of what appeared to be the captain and the fact our ship was on a course at full speed towards an island with no means to slow it down. We weren’t just rowing up shit creek without a paddle, we were doing so without a raft either.

The dwarves and the half elf tried to cut the sails to reduce our speed, but the sails were too tough, unfortunately one of them felt the next best thing was setting it alight.. It was only then one of the crew told us the cargo was dwarven ale. I believe they term for this kind of cock up starts ‘Out of the frying pan……’

Eventually we try a risky manoeuvre and drop both anchors simultaneously, that was the plan at least, the clothed dwarf seemed a little slow on the uptake of ‘on the count of three’ and dropped it a little too late, if the anchors had gone together I feel the rear of the ship would have cracked from the force of the stop, but instead it began turning because of only one anchor dropped and the movement forced the ship to capsize violently. Luckily we were close enough to the shore by now that it wasn’t too much of a hastle to swim. The five of us that didnt appear to be sailors survived, the others I fear were not so lucky.

2. Cult of Personality

3. Dwarven Corruption

4. Escaping Death

5. Allied with a fool.

6. No Escape (aka. A Familiar Face)

7. Blood Reigns

When the blood rose to the ceiling we made our way down the hole that took us to this so claimed pit connecting to the demon realm, or at least that is what we assumed. Turns out that there was still a lot more to go, and many traps to set off if I knew these guys as well as I do. Sure enough as we cross the gorge that was at the bottom of the hole the first trap goes off, firing huge crossbow bolts though Adders. Then when he and fernando got to the other side and into the stronghold get covered in a waxy oil that from the smell alone was obviously highly flamable. After a close call we managed to reset the trap to the stronghold. I do wonder, if I had gone alone would it have not triggered for me. I mean it was a stronghold liked to Baphomet and I am one of his pacted warlocks.

Once inside we start following out typical routine, open doors, attack anything alive, loot the rooms, set off the traps, rince and repeat in any order. The only notable moment was when we noticed a room with a mirror and ornate pillars with lifelike appearances. It didnt take long to realise those statues werent just that, they were petrified creatures encased within the pillars. Knowing that we were likely to face a medusa, Adders broke the mirror hoping to use it to reflect its own appearance at it. As he pulled away the mirror we found a secret room with a medusa skeleton, a shield and a small chest. At least now we didnt have to worry about the medusa.

Opening the chest I noticed a rather familiar quill. In some of the visions I have when I commune with Baphomet I see glimpses of others he has pacted with. These quills are specific to the warlocks, and even more specifically those like me who chose the pact of the blade. They were quills of pact signing. They can only be wielded by Warlocks and at will can be changed into a weapon of the wielders preference. The unique thing though was when it is used by a Bladepact Warlock, the weapon is more powerful and can be used as the pact weapon. I palmed it away before anyone else knew what it was.

Along with the quill there was two potions, both of which were marked as potions of stone to flesh. At least we knew that we could help two of the six petrified corpses. Well that was the plan anyway. Fernando once again acted without thinking and gave the potion to one of the non dwarven ones, whilst the pillar they were in was still standing. I have seen and done some terrible things in the past but watching a petrified person come to like within a pillar is truely horrific.especially when the pillar is no longer supported by the stone that the person was previously. Second attempt though Adders chiseled the bulk of the stone away before restoring the human.

Opening the final door we found the chamber with the pit to the demon realm.

Fiendish Thoughts

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