The Grass is Green on the other side


The open water is defiantly not the home I like, the sound of the ship creaking as it sails to our next destination. It has certainly been an interesting time since, for a lack of a better term for it, appearing on that crazy ship a while back not knowing where the people who attacked my clan have gone or even how much time has passed.

The group I have stuck with since appearing are a strange bunch:

Adders has taken the role of leader of our group and captain of this ship. He can have that as far as I’m concerned , well if what I read about half-breeds is accurate they seem to always have to prove themselves to make up for their inherited flaws. Whatever we may not agree on there has been no denying he is a skilled fighter and has shown he can more than handle himself in a fight and has been able to hold the line alone effectively.

Fernando doesn’t seem to fit anything from any book about Dwarves or Monks I have ever read. The stuff he talks about doesn’t make much sense and his actions are unpredictable at times. However getting into a fist fight with him would not be a wise idea and has been able to be a god part of the team when it comes to a fight.

Kelgar is a Halfling that was once a Dwarf, ever since his resurrection he doesn’t act like a Halfling should. He’s just always so grumpy and trying to stick a beard on his face. However he does know some magical healing which has been able to keep the group alive, for the most part.

We had another member of the party Tariel however she had made a deal with a demon and would follow its orders even if it meant killing all of us. Also she wanted to keep a portal to the demon world open which according to the wizard we met caused the world to become the state in which it is in, so she had to be eliminated.

During this adventure we’ve had to deal with a cult religion, a dwarven mine that caused everyone to go insane, pirates and dwarven fort that lead to a pit full of demons.

I do wonder what has happened to my clan and if I will ever see them again if they are still alive, however if there is a way to reverse the process that has happened to this world then maybe I can get back to the quite night sky with nothing but the woodland animals for company.

The Grass is Green on the other side

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